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INTRADE LINK An Innovative Option to Surprise consumers with unique products

Intrade Link is an American based company, established in Florida with operations in the United States, Mexico, Central America and the Andean Region.  We have over 20 years of experience in International Trading. Our operation is supported by a very well established network of operational partners in other territories as well, in addition to a team of specialists in the areas of International Trade, Logistics, Shopper Marketing, Product Certification and Consulting.

Our operation is divided into five operational units: B2B, ASIAsupply, Glocalization, Consulting and Product Certification.  We specialize in identifying unique products, that are capable of generating a very strong impact in shelves of the most recognized retail stores.  On the other hand, we also research the markets in which such products can be effectively offered, to guarantee a successful cycle to the manufacturers and the retailers, while always surprising consumers. We offer personalized and team consulting and also product certifications, as an added value of our capabilities.

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BUSINESS UNITS Cornerstones of Our Operation


Our knowledge of each of the specific markets, allow us to screen products that will generate a real impact, benefiting both the manufacturer as well as the retail stores.  This means that we are not in the business of “Selling Items”, instead our specialty is precisely to scout for real opportunities that can be capitalized by all the parties involved, that is precisely our added value to the equation.
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Think global act local, that has been the credo for international trading success over the past 20 years.  Every product is capable to react differently in each market where it is sold, so when we identify an opportunity for a product, we are not only thinking about the product itself, we are also thinking about the characteristics of the specific market where it will be sold. 
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Our Consulting Business Unit is designed to advise both retail stores, manufacturers, brokers, carriers, business developers, and even product developers on all the most important aspects of international trade.  We have developed a program capable of identifying the specific needs and built upon them an execution plan. 
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One of Intrade’s most valuable assets is our experience and tools to certify the products in each of the countries where we operate. We have a well-rounded know-how on how to process and file all the required certifications in each of the  territories where we operate.
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Our headquarter in Asia is Based in CHINA, the most dynamic country in Asia region where we can search and identify unique products that fulfill, meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We focus in the search of products for the retail industry as well as for manufacturing companies that need to be sourced with raw materials or finished products from ASIA.  
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For the only way in which a durable peace can be created is by worldwide restoration of economic activity and international trade.

James Forrestal


Key of our Success

We are not an import/export company, we are an innovative option that surprises consumers with unique products while generating great business opportunities for all parties involved.

Our formula is based on the creation of a unique bridge between original products and retail companies, capable of delivering surprises every time consumers are in front of the shelves.  It is achieved through strategic negotiations, product research and excellent interpersonal skills of its executives.

Intrade Link is all about the ideal balance of our operational model, which connects manufacturers with retail stores and consumers.

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